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What Makes Cerda Fencing Different?

Stainless Steel Ring Shank Fastners

Cedar is a great wood for fencing because its naturally occurring chemicals help the wood resist rot.  These naturally occurring chemicals also actively corrode steel and most other nail coatings and will end in ugly bleeding around and underneath each fastner.  While galvanized fastners are meant to slow down the corrosion process, the coating will break down and bleeding will occur - often as early as one month after installation.  The extra coating on these nails also fills in the ring shanks, making the nails almost smooth shank!  Most fence companies use galvanized nails because they are less expensive.  


Our promise at Cerda Fencing is to build our customer the best fence we know how to.  From the materials to the construction, every fence is built as if we were doing it at our own homes.  We want your fence to look good not just after installation, but for the life of the fence.  That is why we choose to use stainless steel ring shank fastners.  We purchase them in bulk so that the higher cost is not passed on to our customers, and we can deliver a better performing and looking product.  This type of nail does not need a coating on it, so the rings are well defined and grip the wood strongly.    

Post Hole Depth

A house is only as good as the foundation it is built on.  Similarly a fence must have properly set posts to be strong and have a long lifetime.  If the post holes are not deep or wide enough, or not set with quality concrete, wind storms, normal use, and snow/ landscaping that is pushed against the fence will cause the fence to collapse.  At Cerda Fencing we always set our posts at least 2 ft. deep, and more for taller fences.  We mix real concrete and avoid the premixed bagged concrete found at big box retail stores.  If we are building you a heavy double drive gate, we will use larger posts, and set them deeper to avoid gate sag and dragging.  

Reinforced Gates

We have all seen gates which are bent, twisted, uneven, hanging weird, dragging, and just not closing correctly.  We build all of our own gates so that we can include extra bracing to help stiffen and stregthen the gates, and avoid all of the above problems!  Our gates are hung on extra large posts so they are strong, sturdy, and durable from the start.  For heavy gates, we will also set our posts deeper in the ground and use more concrete.  You can be confident in the strength of our gates!

Honest Pricing

At Cerda Fencing our estimates are always itemized out.  We want to eliminate the stress often experienced with contractors.   Our pricing is clear and straightforward so that you feel comfortable and confident with your purchase.

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